One of the central tenets of the yatra is exploring relationships: with each other, with the local communities which will support us, and with the pristine natural landscapes we will be trekking through. As a result we wish to travel sensitively and balance our ability to pay fair wages to the valley residents, yet make it as accessible as possible to all who wish to join.

The cost of this year’s yatra will be 45,000 rupees. This will cover all the practical expenses of the yatra, including all food and portering, but does not include any expression of dāna (or generosity) for teachers and managers, all of whom offer their services freely in the spirit of abundance.

Because all food, fuel and other equipment must be brought in, there are considerable up-front organisational costs. To help this yatra flow smoothly, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of £200 at the time of registration (in May 2019 this is about 17,600 INR). This will ensure our local mountain hosts are not out of pocket during the organisation of the yatra.

Registration will open in Fall/Autumn 2020