Kit List

Waterproof jacket
Warm sleeping bag ( temperatures could easily drop below freezing )
Sleeping mat ( yoga mats are not really warm enough for a comfortable night )
Sufficient warm clothing for meditating in cold conditions
Plastic bags for keeping kit dry
Torch and spare batteries ( headtorch recommended )
Any personal toiletries or medicines
A day pack big enough for waterproofs, a jacket, water bottle and lunch
At least one water bottle

Decent, waterproof walking boots
A good waterproof tent
Waterproof trousers
Warm fleecy leggings or thick tights
Hat and gloves
Plasters or blister kit
Sun hat
Sun cream
Sun glasses
A few pairs of thick, warm socks

Meditation cushion or something for sitting / lying on ( inflatable cushions? )
Water purification tablets if you want to be more sure; filtered water will be provided at each camp
Toilet roll if you need it ( it will not be provided )
Clothes washing soap ( biodegradable please )

Cotton clothing – in particular, jeans, which are heavy and cold when wet and very difficult to dry.
Too much stuff!

Try to think about things that can serve double purpose.
Can you, for example, use your packed sleeping bag as a meditation cushion rather than bring a separate one?
Roll your clothes into a pillow?
Anything that helps us keep the amount of kit we need to carry to a minimum will be very helpful.