What is the Yatra?

The Himalayan Yatra is an invitation to spend some time exploring the remarkable silence and immaculate wilderness of the greatest mountain range on earth. Over the space of two weeks we will walk deep into the Kumaon Himalaya towards the Pindari glacier, one of the lesser known sources of the holy river Ganges.

Each morning we will walk for up to five or six hours in silence, and the afternoons will be dedicated to connection with each other and with nature, teachings and further meditation. Three simple vegetarian meals will be served throughout the day, and accommodation will be in tents. Facilities will be basic by western standards, partly because this is a little developed area of the Himalaya with few facilities (no roads and no mains electricity), thankfully simplicity can help us sink more deeply into the environment, and that which supports us.

In the time we are not walking, there will be space to talk, connect and explore together... or to sit quietly alone. The deepest wish of this yatra is that you find whatever is most supportive to you, be that spending time in solitude or inquiring with friends. And as it will very much be a collaborative event, facilitated rather than led, whatever love and magic is created is entirely up to us.

Our route will follow high ridges into the heart of the Himalayas, passing many meadows perfect for meditation, with snow peaks stretching endlessly to each horizon. We will also spend time within the untouched, old growth forests which line the roaring Pindar river, a place as profoundly rich in natural wonder as anywhere on earth.

While the Himalayas can be pretty arduous, this is not an arduous trek. The emphasis will be on moving gently and cultivating awareness rather than reaching our destination, so we will have plenty of flexibility to accommodate a broad range of fitnesses. You will, however, need to be happy walking at a comfortable pace for up to six hours a day. Unquestionably, there are big hills to walk up and down and some days will be difficult, but there will also be ample days when the walking is optional.

There is an abundance of beauty, waterfalls, wildlife, and brilliantly colourful birds here to support you. In the profound silence of the ancient forests and the dramatic inspiration of the snow peaks lies a heartfelt invitation to go deeper.
We will be spending some nights on the ridge, even though we will be below the tree line, it will be very cold at night, occasionally down to freezing. Many days start very sunny, providing us with long clear views over the plains below us and over at mountain peaks in the distance. Yet mountain weather can change rapidly, and there is always a good chance of a storm, or heavy rain, sometimes it even snows.

As mystics and sages have long known, the Himalayas offer rich reward for those who come with interest, gentleness and awareness.

You are warmly invited to join us as we walk together.