Himalayas - हिमालय

Yātrā - यात्रा

Not just a walk in the mountains

Each morning will be spent walking in silence, and each afternoon there will be the opportunity to connect, discuss and explore with each other in mindful attention.
The retreat is led by experienced Dharma teachers who offer teachings, talks, discussions and one-to-one meetings.
All of this while being supported by the immaculate backdrop of silence and nature that is the Kumaon Himalayas.

What happens on the Yatra

The Next Yatra

How to join the Yatra

The Himalayan Yatra Team


Our Yatra visionary who brought his love of the wild to his meditation practice, and our practice into the wild.


Our guide, leading a local team, with years of experience and knowledge of these great mountains he calls home.


A teacher experienced in leading active meditation retreats for developing the skills to live an awakened life.


An international meditation teacher who grounds their teachings in the ancient Dharma but turns it towards the life we have here and now.